Police to Involve 'Thugs' to Enforce Face Mask Protocol



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Police deputy Chief, General Commissioner Eddy Pramono cited that “jeger pasar” - a term often used to describe thugs (jeger) at traditional markets (pasar) - will be involved in disciplining people upon wearing face masks. 

    “We also pin our hopes to discipline people in market clusters on the jegers. We hope [they will help] discipline people in wearing face masks,” said Gatot at the Metro Jaya Police headquarters in South Jakarta, Thursday, Sept. 10. 

    However, he assured that the thugs must be strictly briefed by police and military (TNI) personnel so that the “disciplinary actions” they would later impose on people would be practiced persuasively. This comes after the national police distributed millions of free face masks to members of society. 

    Earlier in the day, the Indonesian National Police launched its large-scale operation on the use of face masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic which involves members of the TNI, public order agency (Satpol PP), the attorney general’s office, and court judges. 

    Police personnel are given the authority to directly enforce the face mask rule on people and noted that one of the main target locations are traditional markets. 


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