6 Toxic Behaviors That May Ruin Romantic Relationship



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Conflict and argument in any relationship are common. But some people do not realize that their thoughts and behaviors create a toxic relationship, and surprised when it breaks down.

    There are a lot of things that can harm relationships, and they are easier to do, such as having negative thoughts. Read on to find out signs that you are sabotaging your love bonding as compiled from Pinkvilla.

    1. Thinking of breaking up

    You cannot visualize the future with your partner and think your relationship will not last long. If you are being too negative or pessimistic, you are going to get into unnecessary fights with your partner.

    1. Being emotionally transparent to your partner

    When you cannot be open and honest with your partner, that kind of behavior will definitely sabotage your romantic bond. Honesty is the key to a healthy and happy relationship.

    1. Not being emotionally present

    When you are next to your partner, you have to be emotionally present too. Do not be too busy on social media or work, instead be a good listener for your partner and treat him or her with love and respect. This way will surely strengthen your connection.

    1. Comparing your partner with an ex

    This is one of the most toxic behaviors that will be your downfall. Regardless of what happens in your relationship, you must not compare your partner to your ex. It is better to minimize focus on your partner’s flaws and start looking at his or her positive qualities and loving them for who they truly are.

    1. Having trust issues

    If you do not trust and continue to doubt your partner without any reason, without realizing it, you are pulling away from your loved one in subtle ways. Then sooner or later, your relationship dream will not come true. In an intimate relationship, trust is important.

    1. Being insecure

    Doubting yourself, thinking that you are not good enough may cause a negative impact on your romantic relationship. You have to love and accept yourself first so that you can bring positivity into a relationship.