3 Tips to Avoid Divorce amid COVID-19: Family Consultant



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - News has emerged about the growing number of wives filing for divorce at the court for religious affairs amidst the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of reports cite that this phenomenon is mainly driven by economic reasons that have crippled many households through mass-layoffs. 

    Family consultant and social observer expert, M. Agus Syafii, says economic issues have proven to be a serious threat in households which affect the added responsibility for housewives to fulfill the needs of the family. 

    Divorce is seen as a solution to the issue regarding drawn-out domestic conflicts, however, Agus maintains that divorce is not key in ending household problems. He offers family consultation to solve domestic issues. 

    Agus says the healthiest way to prevent couples from going down the dark path of divorce and saving a relationship is by practicing the following 3 tips:

    1. Providing for each other: A relationship would be less demanding once a couple collectively shares the urge to equally provide for each other. 

    2. Understanding: An important trait in a relationship is to accept either intentional or accidental mistakes that you and your partner made. Be forgiving towards each other when this happens. 

    3. Forgiving: Learn to put forth compassion by forgiving your partner's mistakes even if it might hurt so much. It is better to end “being the bigger person” to resolve a situation. Agus Syafii suggests couples consult with professionals before marriage and truly understand the depth of the decision they are about to take. The right intent and approach will result in marriages that have a better chance to last a lifetime. 

    “Don’t ever be tired of preserving your family, [as it’s] the same as preserving humanity. Preserving marriages with understanding, responsibility, and loyalty will avert us from divorces,” said Agus. 

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