Effendi Buhing Arrested; YLBHI Says Possible Intervention from Corporations



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) Head Asfinawati said there was a possible intervention from corporations in the arrest of the Laman Kinipan indigenous community chief, Effendi Buhing.

    "We need to look at the possibility of corporations' intervention in this case, at least their socio-political strength," said Asfinawati to Tempo on Thursday, August 27.

    Asfinawati referred to the relation between PT Sawit Mandiri Lestari (SML), a palm oil company operating in the indigenous areas of Laman Kinipan, Batang Kawa District, Lamandau, Central Kalimantan, and local political authorities.

    Posters displaying possible links between the PT SML owners and government officials in Lamandau Regency and Central Kalimantan Province circulated on social media.

    Tempo sent the poster to the Public Relations Head of PT SML, Wendy Soewarno, yet the latter refused to respond further. Wendy said that it was common in the province that regional heads were in the same family with officials and entrepreneurs.

    “We are proud as a Dayak community to have a Dayak figure who outstandingly builds the economy of Central Kalimantan,” said Wendy.

    Previously reported, Effendi Buhing was arrested by force by Central Kalimantan Police in his residence on Wednesday, August 26, over agrarian conflicts between the indigenous community and PT SML.


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