Blok S Food Court Reopens after Closing for 4 Days due to COVID-19



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - South Jakarta’s Blok S food court - known as Pujasera Blok S - in Kebayoran Baru, has reopened on Monday, August 17, after the affordable food alternative had to be closed for four days due to four traders testing positive for COVID-19. 

    Based on Tempo’s observation one day after its reopening on August 18, the Blok S food court was stuffed with hungry people waiting to be served at the location, while there were also people preferring to eat in their vehicles parked not far from the food court. 

    One visitor we asked, Emia, said the food court remains to be her choice to eat even though she is aware of why it closed for four days earlier. “It’s cheap here with lots of food to choose from. So, yeah I’ll still visit this place,” said the hotel employee who remains obedient to COVID-19 health protocols. 

    The same sentiment was echoed by a student of Semarang’s Diponegoro University, Sakti Ferdinand, who came with his friends to have lunch at the Blok S food court that has been equipped with hand-washing facilities even prior to the cases. 

    Asked whether the news about traders infected by COVID-19 in the location would drive them away from the location, he said as long as self-hygiene is maintained he has no fear about the place. “I brought my hand sanitizer and face mask, the important thing is to remain clean.”

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