Fahri Hamzah Receives Star from Jokowi; Will Continue Criticism



Ririe Ranggasari

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Gelora Party politician and prominent critic of President Joko Widodo, Fahri Hamzah, said he would continue to criticize the government despite having been honored with the Mahaputera Nararya service star by the president himself. Fahri said the star is proof that the government appreciates criticism.

    "This honorary star will not stop me from criticizing. I will continue to voice out my criticism because the president respects that," Fahri said after receiving the honorary title at the State Palace, August 13.

    Hamzah said he concurs Jokowi's stance that differences must be respected, as well as nourished. Having different views, he said, is not the same as being hostile with one another; pointing out to movements that tend to promote divisiveness.

    "This is a message that the president, as leader of the nation, must promote during COVID-19 crisis—to unite against all odds," he said.

    Fahri Hamzah is a former politician from the Prosperous Justice Party and the former House of Representatives (DPR) Speaker. He was one of the seven people who received the 2020 Mahaputera Nararya honorary star.

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