Expert: Anies Baswedan Can't Be Taken Down by Intolerance Allegations



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Al-Azhar University political observer, Ujang Komarudin, on Wednesday said Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan could not be taken down by framing him as an intolerant leader as he believed the governor fits the type of leader who is moderate. 

    “This means he is a person who is open,” said Ujang in a text message to Tempo on Wednesday. He also urged people to judge Anies Baswedan’s leadership objectively. 

    The Jakarta administration was recently ranked at the top of the Indonesia Democracy Index list by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS). 

    He further assessed that Anies does have several aspects surrounding the governor that can be twisted into the definition of intolerance, especially due to the notion that he has close ties with the 212 alumni group. 

    “There could possibly be groups that frame Anies as an intolerant leader. Because Anies’s political rivals see a gap in the governor’s ties with the PA 212,” Ujang argued. 

    Governor Anies Baswedan on late Monday online discussion questioned the allegations often accusing him of being an intolerant leader. The Jakarta governor defended that he strives to embrace every group in his 2.5 years leading Indonesia’s capital city. 

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