Gerindra Suspects Foul Play in Suspect Naming of Agam Regent



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Head of Gerindra Party’s West Sumatra branch Andre Rosiade presumes that the naming of Agam Regent, Indra Catri, as suspect by the Sumatra police is politically motivated. 

    The regent had been named as a suspect of hate speech against the member of the House of Representatives (DPR) from the Democrat Party, Mulyadi. 

    Gerindra sees this as a major issue as the party is backing Indra Catri for the West Sumatra gubernatorial election as a candidate for deputy governor alongside Nasrul Abit. Meanwhile, Mulyadi - who is backed by the political rival Democrat - is also running for the region’s gubernatorial election. 

    When asked if there would be lobbying attempts by Gerindra to help drop the Democrat Party member’s police report, Andre said to Tempo “There are none. Let people be the judge but we suspect that someone is afraid of losing in the regional elections.”

    Gerindra Party has asked for clarification from Indra Catri regarding the allegations aimed at him and will also file a formal protest against the police report. “We surely ask the police institution to maintain neutrality in the 2020 regional elections,” said Andre Rosadi. 

    Police announced that they have not detained Indra Catri until further developments are made.