Police to Examine Djoko Tjandra Intensively



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The convict for the Bank Bali assignment of payment case Djoko Tjandra is being detained in a detention house in Salemba at the National Police Headquarter. This has been confirmed after Djoko was handed over by the Crime Investigation Agency to the Attorney General Office.

    "Starting tonight, the respective person has become a convict and become an inmate," said Director General of Correctional Facilities Reinhard Silitonga in a press conference at the National Police Crime Investigation Agency Office on Friday evening, July 31, 2020.

    Chief of the Crime Investigation Agency Commr. Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo said that the National Police still need to conduct a thorough examination against Djoko.

    "Out interest is to conduct a relevant examination of the cases that have happened, which is related to Djoko's exit and entry permit, and assignment orders," Listyo said.

    The handover of Djoko was marked with the signing of the handover minute by the Chief of the Crime Investigation Agency and Junior Attorney for Special Crime of the Attorney General Office Agung Ali Mukartono, Chief of the Salemba Detention House, and the Directorate General for Correctional Facilities of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.