Saline Placebo to be Carried Out in COVID-19 Vaccine Trial



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Nearly half of the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial volunteers will not be injected with China’s Sinovac vaccine as half of the group - which consists of 1,620 volunteers - would be injected with saline solutions. 

    “We will not be aware who was injected with the vaccine or not, we will only be able to find out at the end of the research,” said Kusnandi Rusmil, leader of the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial from the Padjadjaran University on Wednesday. 

    The research team will divide the volunteers into two groups with all of them undergoing blinded clinical trials. Half of them will be injected with the vaccine from Sinovac Biotech while the other half will get saline solutions as a placebo. 

    According to the Padjadjaran University’s faculty of medicine pediatrician, the groups are divided so the trials would be able to provide comparable data. The team of researchers will also be kept in the dark on what solution they inject their volunteers. 

    The clinical trial from Sinovac Biotech presently enters its third and last phrase. Indonesia has joined the networking of COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials and will be testing 1,620 volunteers between the age of 18-59 years old.

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