Indonesia COVID-19 Tally Exceeds China; Pulmonologist Responds



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The total number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in Indonesia - which has exceeded the total tally recorded by China - had caught the interest of Persahabatan Hospital pulmonologist, Erlina Burhan, citing the significant population disparity between the two countries. 

    “We have passed China, which is incredible. China has a population of 1.6 billion while we have 270 million, but our confirmed cases exceed them,” said Erlina during the Indikator Politik Indonesia survey presentation on Tuesday.

    Referring to, the total population of China - the initial coronavirus epicenter - in mid-2020 is predicted to amount to 1.4 billion. 

    As of today, Indonesia’s total COVID-19 confirmed cases have reached 89,869 with 4,320 deaths compared to China that records 83,693. 

    “What does this mean? This probably goes to show that we have yet been able control the viral spread,” said Erlina. 

    This was mentioned by Erlina after an Indikator Politik Indonesia survey found that the public opinion on the COVID-19 had slightly shifted from health to economic concerns (47.9 percent compared to 45 percent). 

    She reminds people that Indonesia’s viral spread had surged corresponding to the lifting of several social-restrictions overseen under the large-scale social restriction (PSBB) protocol. Upon mentioning the areas prone to the viral spread, the pulmonologist cited public transportation, tourism spots, entertainment areas, and office environment.

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