COVID-19; Indonesian Govt's False Sense of Security Criticized



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The civil society group "Indonesian People's Society Against Covid-19" on Sunday urged the government to perform better crisis communication and avoid creating a false sense of security regarding the coronavirus pandemic that has steadily worsened. 

    “The government is required to create a sense of security that is based on knowledge and ample understanding of the risks amidst a pandemic. Not create a false sense of security,” the civil group noted in its official declaration on Sunday, July 19.

    The group argues that the Indonesian government had always delivered a form of communication regarding the pandemic that does not properly represent the dangers, effects, and scale of COVID-19 and contends that the government’s communication tends to underestimate the issue in favor of national economic continuity. 

    The group urges the government to implement a more transparent and honest communication to deliver the reality of the COVID-19 crisis in Indonesia that has already recorded over 86,000 cases as of Sunday. 

    “Bad communication has helped worsen coordination attempts and scattered, or slowed-down, COVID-19 mitigation attempts the should have been responsive and integrated,” the Society wrote on Sunday.

    Joined in the group are dozens of non-governmental organizations and a number of epidemiologists such as Pandu Riono, Iqbal Elyazar, Panji Hadisoemarto, Ricky Gunawan, Haryadi, Sulfikar Amir, and Wawan Gunawan Abdul Hamid.

    The NGOs taking part in the groups are the Jakarta Legal Aid (LBH Jakarta), the Legal Aid Institute (LBH), the Center for Indonesia’s Strategic Development Initiatives (CISDI), Kawal COVID19, and the Lokataru Foundation.

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