Kadin Agrees With Jakarta to Re-Enforce PSBB



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Head Diana Dewi said her side would support the government should it plan to re-enforce the social restrictions on a large scale or PSBB.

    “As we see the current condition that (the COVID-19 curve) is not yet flattening, we will just follow the government’s policy,” said Diana on Tuesday, July 14.

    Recently reported, Jakarta recorded an all-time daily high of 404 new infections on Sunday, July 12. The figure pushed the total tally to 14,361. Besides, for the past week, the number of new cases hit more than 200 per day.

    Diana opined that since virus transmission in the capital city keeps rising, the pandemic will likely not end soon. This also increases worry among business actors.

    She hoped the government would actively track people who have the potential to contract the novel coronavirus by carrying out swab tests and encourage the public to comply with the predetermined health protocols.

    According to her, many businesses will not recover even though the government enforces a transition period to a new normal era. Because, Diana argued, people are gripped by fears to visit places such as shopping malls and tourist attractions, given the lingering virus threat in the capital.

    Should the PSBB is re-enforced, Diana asked the government to conduct a study on the opening of business places. “If it is possible, businesses will open. We hope there will be no closure. But if it is not, we will follow [the government’s decision],” Diana concluded.

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