Anies Baswedan to Stop Transitional PSBB If Necessary



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaJakarta Governor Anies Baswedan stated that he will take an ‘emergency brake policy’ and stop the transitional PSBB or large-scale social restriction if the capital city sees an uncontrollable number of COVID-19 positive cases. Anies detailed that is possible when the daily jump in virus infections has doubled.

    The city’s novel coronavirus positivity rate during the transitional PSBB, which was taken effect beginning June 4 until Sunday, July 12, increased to 10.5 percent.

    Anies underlined that if the condition worsens, the city administration will possibly enforce an ‘emergency brake policy’.

    “If that happens, we all will need to stay at home again, economic activities will be stopped, religious activities will be stopped, and social activities will be closed. We all will be troubled if this situation goes on,” said Anies in a video published via Jakarta’s Youtube channel on Sunday afternoon, July 12.

    The governor elaborated that the city’s Health Agency noted three records of the highest single-day surge in COVID-19 cases. The biggest daily jump is recorded on Sunday, July 12, with 404 new cases, followed by a report on July 11 at 359 new infections and on July 5 at 256 new infections.

    He further demanded the public prioritize safety in daily activities during the pandemic, especially stay vigilant and strictly implement the predetermined health protocols in public transportation and traditional markets.

    “I remind everyone of the simple things to do. [First,] wear a face mask anywhere, anytime in any activity. Secondly, maintain a safe distance of one meter. Then, wash hands with soap. Make sure to do these,” Anies Baswedan asserted.

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