Jakarta Police Confirm Metro TV Editor Yodi Prabowo's Murder



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Jakarta Police confirmed that Metro TV editor Yodi Prabowo was murdered, with stab wounds on his neck and chest.

    However, the perpetrator and motive behind the attack yet remain ambiguous, Commissioner Yusri Yunus, the Jakarta Metro Jaya Police spokesman, noted here on Saturday.

    The victim's valuables, including a motorbike and personal equipment, were found near his body. The police also found a knife on the victim's jacket.

    "Later, the investigation team will reach a conclusion on the matter. If (his belongings) had gone missing, the initial suspicion would have been robbery," he stated.

    The police have, until now, interrogated 12 people, including those viewed as being quite close to the victim, including friends and family members.

    "It is possible that (the number of those to be questioned by the police) will increase," he pointed out.

    In the meantime, the autopsy conducted on Prabowo's body confirmed the presence of several stab wounds and bruises.

    The autopsy results indicate he was beaten up before being murdered, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Irwan Susanto, head of the South Jakarta Police’s crime investigation section, revealed.

    The police had earlier deployed K9 sniffer dogs at the crime scene to detect traces of the perpetrators of the murder.

    The lifeless body of Yodi Prabowo was found at the edge of the JORR toll road in Ulujami Raya, Pesanggarahan, South Jakarta, on Friday (July 10), after the family reported him missing since Tuesday (July 7).

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