217 Traders in Jakarta Tested Positive for COVID-19: Ikappi



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Indonesian Market Traders Association (Ikappi) reported that 217 traders contracted the COVID-19 and 37 markets in Jakarta exposed to the novel coronavirus infection. The figure was the highest among other Indonesia’s provinces.

    “We have tried to help the Jakarta administration to suppress the virus transmission in markets,” said Ikappi’s spokesperson Reynaldi Sarijowan in a written statement on Wednesday, July 8. Ikappi urged Jakarta to further take effective measures to prevent the virus spread.

    Ikappi also appreciated several efforts made by the city, including deploying state apparatus to ensure that traders applying the health protocols in markets, that was effective in increasing the discipline.

    Besides, the officers disseminated the dangers of COVID-19 and predetermined health protocols. However, Reynaldi opined that several policies need to be evaluated, such as mandating traders to undergo rapid and swab tests.

    “This is a new issue and strengthens an indication of poor communication between market operators or Jakarta [administration] and traders,” he said.

    Ikappi received reports that traders were forced to be picked up for rapid and swab tests. This was expected to be such an awareness of the traders themselves, he added.

    “So it should be without a force, and occurs when traders are free and the notice is not issued suddenly. If the traders are busy serving buyers, it will be quite difficult to undergo rapid and swab tests,” Reynaldi said.

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