Latest COVID-19 Survey Finds Jakartans Unprepared for New Normal



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A joint survey by the Social Resilience Lab Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and crowdsourcing platform Lapor Covid19 claims that Jakartans are not ready to enter the new normal phase amidst the pandemic. 

    NTU sociology of disaster expert, Sulfikar Amir, said that it can be proven by the low-risk perception level scored by Jakartans; 3.30. 

    “Overall, residents of Jakarta are yet ready to enter the new normal, at least until the risk perception levels are high enough that it scores above 4. Only then safety behaviors would be better,” said Sulfikar in a virtual press conference uploaded by Lapor Covid19 on Monday.

    The survey was held from May 29 up to June 20 involving 206,550 respondents that garnered 154,471 valid data through quota sampling with the population per community area variable. 

    Based on the survey results, 54 percent of Jakartans think the chances of contracting the disease are insignificant; 23 percent think that there is a small chance, and 14 percent think the possibility is moderate.

    Responding to the question of how big the chances are for closest relatives to be exposed to COVID-19, 50 percent think the chances are very slim, 26 percent think the chances are low, while 15 percent think there is an average chance for their closest people to be exposed to the virus. 

    However, this result is a contrast to the hygiene behavior variable that found 95 percent of respondents regularly washing their hands, 97 percent always wear a face mask for outdoor activities, and 91 percent maintain physical distancing in public spaces. 

    Once the two variables are compared, the commendable behavior of Jakartans regarding hygiene cannot assure that they are ready to enter the new normal

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