Police Hold Reconstruction on John Kei Gang Attack



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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Jakarta Metro Police are reconstructing the attack by John Kei and his men against his own uncle Nus Kei, today, July 6. The police had also conducted the crime scene's pre-reconstruction on June 24.

    Jakarta Metro Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Yusri Yunus said that the crime scene started at 9:00 today, starting at the front court of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Directorate of Detention and Evidence building.

    It will continue at the actual scenes of the crime, which are Arcici Cempaka Putih, Tytyan Indah Utama X Bekasi, and Kelapa Gading.

    In the pre-reconstruction of the alleged planned murder, John Kei was not present and someone else acted on his behalf.

    John Kei and 24 of his men were arrested for attacking and firing shots at Nus Kei's home on Sunday noon, June 21, because he was upset with Nus over discrepancies from a land sale in Ambon.

    The attack resulted in the death of one of Nus Kei's men, Yustus Corwing Rahakbau. The housing complex's security guards and an online ojek driver were also wounded.  

    During the arrest, the police confiscated dozens of spears and sharp weapons. After investigating further, five more people were arrested. The total number of suspect no reaches 39 people.

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