Jakarta Asked to Issue Ban on Production of Plastic Bags



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Indonesian Shopping Center Association (APPBI) urged the Jakarta provincial administration to issue a gubernatorial regulation or Pergub on the prohibition of plastic bag production.

    The association head Ellen Hidayat opined that such a policy is necessary so that producers can switch their production to eco-friendly materials.

    “With its availability and people can easily buy plastic packages, the implementation of the ban will not be optimal,” said Ellen in a written statement on Wednesday, July 1. “Monitoring from the upstream to downstream is a must, too, when talking about plastics.”

    The Jakarta government has begun to implement a policy banning the use of plastic packages starting today, July 1, through the issuance of Pergub No. 142/2019 on the obligation to use environmentally friendly shopping bags in shopping centers, supermarkets, and public markets, that had been promoted since January 31, 2020.

    The APPBI also hoped Jakarta Environment Agency would further conduct dissemination to the public concerning the management of waste, starting from households. “This causes a pile of plastic waste,” Ellen added.

    She mentioned that her association welcomed the policy which aimed at reducing plastic waste that takes a long time to decompose. The regulation is also expected to raise the public or consumers’ awareness in order to generate a healthy and clean environment.

    Ellen said the APPBI would work with the government to make the policy on the ban of plastic bag effective. The association had introduced it to tenants and retailers and suggested the provision of reusable bags, as well as reminded visitors of shopping centers regarding the ban.

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