Epidemiologist Suggests Mall, Market Visitors Register Online



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The fear of seeing new COVID-19 clusters from the opening of malls and traditional markets had the University of Indonesia Epidemiologist Tri Yunis Miko Wahyono pitch the idea of imposing online registrations for mall and market visitors.

    “Introduce a special protocol for market and mall visitors,” said Tri to Tempo today.

    Tri suggested the government to require both visitors and mall or market tenants to wear face shields and partition traditional market traders that are not separated enough to fulfill physical distancing requirements. 

    Regarding the online registration, Wahyono pitched the idea to have visitors book schedules prior to visiting the two public areas prone to packed crowds. He claims this will further restrict mall visitors.

    The epidemiologist fears that the government will have difficulties to track down the mall or traditional market visitors if a case of infection happens at the locations. “The best thing to do right now is to try as hard we can to prevent that because infections are rampant from traditional markets,” he said.

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