Bicycle Sports Association: Steps to Follow for Beginners



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Following the rising popularity of bicycles amidst the transitional period towards the ‘new normal’, the Indonesian Bicycle Sports Association (PB ISSI) shared several tips for beginners. 

    PB ISSI manager Oldy Sofyan elaborates that there are three stages that need to be met as people cycle. The first thing Sofyan reminded people about is to always conduct a thorough check on the bicycle’s roadworthiness. 

    The bicycle sports association manager also encouraged bicyclists to use long-sleeve clothes apart from the necessary helmet, gloves, and face masks. 

    “Avoid being in contact with droplets by wearing long-sleeved clothes, gloves, masks, eyewear protection, and cycling cap. Also, take with you hand sanitizer and a small towel,” said PB ISSI.

    The next aspect Oldy deems important is to limit people’s cycling distance and always take time to warm up prior to cycling. “Warm-up and then determine how many kilometers [you plan on cycling] and take a break every few kilometers,” said Sofyan.

    Sofyan strongly reminds cyclists to travel on roads that have specially prepared bike lanes and limit the number of cyclists in each group. If the group becomes too large, members should be separated into smaller groups consisting of 2-4 people with a minimum gap of 4-meters between cyclists.

    The Indonesian Bicycle Sports Association also said cooling down stretches after a long cycling-stint is crucial before completely resting and putting one’s body into a sudden standstill.

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