Jokowi Asks Regional Heads Not to Hastily Enforce New Normal



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaPresident Joko "Jokowi" Widodo reminded regional heads not to rush to adopt the transition policy from the large-scale social restrictions or PSBB to a new normal era since the Covid-19 threats remain high. The state head did not want a second wave of the outbreak to occur.

    “Do not dare to open [the restrictions] and embrace a new normal era, whereas data shows that it is not yet possible to do so. Do not force it. Do not rush,” said the President in a teleconference from Central Java on Tuesday, June 30.

    The policy to implement a new normal era, he added, must be backed by scientific data and opinions of experts. “Use data. Make sure that we do not relax [the PSBB] when the Rt (Covid-19 reproduction number) is still high at above 1 and the R0 (basic reproduction number) is also high. Be careful, don't issue policies without clear scientific data.”

    The president noted that if the data supports the implementation of a new normal era, preparations will be then carried out, starting from the precondition, determining the time and which sectors to be reactivated gradually.

    “If it’s possible to reopen the industrial sector, tourism sector, then do it. But, the capacity may still be limited,” he said.

    The evaluation must also be conducted periodically. The PSBB or local quarantine could be enforced again if the new normal policy causes Covid-19 cases in an area to increase.

    “We can no longer decide on a policy without reviewing data science and input from experts,” Jokowi asserted.

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