TikTok Introduces Platform for Business



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Short video-sharing app TikTok introduces a new platform dubbed ‘TikTok for Business’ targetted for brands to promote their products.

    “Brands have the chance to shift from traditional promotion system and interact with modern users by pushing them to make TikTok videos; not just by watching ads,” said TikTok Indonesia Direct Sales Leader, Pandhu Wiguna, in a press release on Saturday, June 27.

    TikTok for Business offers tools for marketing teams to promote their brands and interact with the users. This feature is equipped with an AR Branded Effect called Brand Scan which provides virtual reality experience on the products.

    In Indonesia, Tiktok is testing the Creator Marketplace platform where brands and content creators can meet to collaborate in a paid partnership and attract new customers.

    TikTok is available in more than 150 countries and 75 languages, including Indonesia. The app has also opened its branch office in Jakarta.

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