New Normal; Tips to Stay Safe from Coronavirus in Public Toilet



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaAs social restrictions are being relaxed gradually to enter a new normal era, people have started to run their daily activities. Some begin to work at the office or visit shopping centers.

    When going outside, there may be a lot of things to worry about during the ongoing pandemic, including using public restrooms. To reduce the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus in public spaces, Tempo compiles tips from and Times of India as follows:

    1. Keep your distance while waiting in line

    When you are in line to use public toilets, pay attention to the safe distance between one person and another at 1-1.5 meters in accordance with the existing health protocols.

    1. Avoid touching things in the toilet

    Do not touch any surface inside the restrooms, such as door handles, knobs, toilet seats, up to tissue holders since all of them are things most frequently touched by public toilet users, thus increasing the risk of exposure to infections. If it is inevitable, use tissues to touch the surfaces.

    1. Close the toilet seat when you flush 

    Closing the toilet seat when you are going to flush should be a new habit in the new normal era. A study shows that flushing the toilet can cause virus particles including Covid-19 to fly and stay longer in the bathroom.  

    1. Wash your hands with soap

    After using the toilet, do not forget to always wash your hands with running water and soap. This is useful to vanish viruses and bacteria that might stick to hands. Wash hands properly within 20 seconds and dry your hand with a tissue afterward.