COVID-19, Puncak Roadside Kiosk Visitors to be Dispersed



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Bogor administration is starting to fear a wider spread of the COVID-19 as people start to pack the local tourism hotspot in Puncak, Bogor, since the relaxation of the social restriction. 

    Bogor’s COVID-19 task force spokesperson, Syarifah Sofiah, said a number of tourist destinations in Bogor have started to operate such as hotels and staycations. 

    She said that hotel visitors are not the team’s main concern, as official tourist sites will most likely abide by existing social restrictions. However, the concern is aimed at unofficial tourist sites that are widespread across the Puncak area that are not officially managed by legal entities. 

    “Starting this week, task force personnel including law enforcers will stand guard in areas that we have mapped,” said Syarifah Sofiah on Thursday, June 25. 

    The areas in question include the plethora of tea plantations and roadside make-shift kiosks that sell coffee and snacks. “If they spend time just eating instant noodles and coffee by the side of the road, we will clearly order them to return home,” said the task force spokesperson. 

    This comes after the West Java COVID-19 task force found two tourists who were visiting Puncak tested positive for the virus. 

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