Police Still Pursuing 11 of John Kei's Men



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian police are still pursuing 11 of John Kei's men who allegedly attacked Nus Kei's house in Green Lake City in Tangerang. The police said there were initially 12 people on the search list, but one man turned himself in yesterday.

    "For the Kosambi crime scene (where Yustus Corwing Rahakbau was murdered), we have one man on our wanted list. For the Green Lake crime scene (attack on Nus Kei's house), we are pursuing 10," Jakarta Metro Police PR chief Sr. Comr. Yusri Yunus said on Thursday, June 25.

    When asked about rumors that three of the people who attacked Nus Kei's house were captured in Cianjur, West Java, Yusri declined to comment. He said he was still waiting for an official report from the local police.

    On Wednesday, Semuel Rahanbinan a.k.a. Teco, one of John Kei's men, turned himself in to the Depok Metro Police Station, accompanied by his family. Depok Police Criminal Division head, Comr. Wadi Sabani, said Semuel turned himself in because he feared that Nus Kei's gang would retaliate and attack his family.

    During questioning, Semuel confessed to being involved in the attack on Nus Kei's men in Duri Kosambi, Jakarta.

    "He was among the attackers, he used sharp weapons and inflicted wounds to the victim," Wadi said. 

    John Kei's men attacked Nus Kei's home in Green Lake City housing complex in Tangerang on June 21 at noon under. The order came from John, who was upset with Nus over discrepancies from a land sale in Ambon.

    Before reaching Green Lake City, the John Kei gang killed one of Nus Kei's men, Yustus Corwing Rahakbau (46) in Duri Kosambi, West Jakarta. The victim dies from stab wounds and because he was run over by the car John Kei's men rode in.  

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