Ikappi: Covid-19 Cases Found at 19 Traditional Markets in Jakarta



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesian Market Traders Association (Ikappi) data recorded that Covid-19 cases were found at 19 traditional markets in Jakarta, with 138 people contracted to the novel coronavirus.

    Ikappi’s chief of the Covid-19 team, Dimas Herdiyansyah, said there are only three markets free from COVID cases, namely Ciracas, Palmeriam, and Kelapa Gading markets.

    “We continue to do our effort to prevent Covid-19 transmission at traditional markets,” Dimas said in a written release on Friday, June 19.

    Ikappi calls on the public, especially the traders, to maintain safety in the market. Dimas said the traditional market must be free from the coronavirus transmission to save the 12 million people’s lives who earn income at the market.

    A total of Covid-19 cases at traditional markets reached 701 people and 32 of them died. “The cases are spread at 129 markets across Indonesia,” Dimas said.

    According to Ikappi, the regional governments or market management must conduct the right moves to cut the chain of the coronavirus transmission in the market.

    In addition, all parties must ask, watch, and remind each other and traders at the traditional markets to adhere to the health measures through intensive communication.

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    Imam Hamdi