OYO Indonesia Greatly Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic



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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Hospitality industry is one of the business sectors heavily affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically in Indonesia, OYO Indonesia recorded an occupancy rate of its partners dropping significantly reaching levels of over 60 percent.

    Apart from the dropping occupancy level, OYO Hotels and Homes Indonesia Country Head Emerging Business, Eko Bramantyo, said the pandemic has affected more than 800 OYO employees.

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    “Speaking about the percentage, it constitutes more than 50 percent of the entire employees we have,” said Eko Bramantyo in Wednesday’s virtual discussion.

    However, 50 percent of the employees were not laid off but will continue to receive wages that are adjusted to the COVID-19 financial load experienced by the company. Eko said that this decision had to be done to survive the pandemic. 

    Apart from adhering to the government’s ‘no layoff’ warning, OYO Indonesia will employ its workers once the situation returns to normal. Asked to predict when the pandemic would end, Eko said that he is not focused on when it would end but rather on how to survive the current situation. 

    “We are thinking about how our revenue can be enough to face this pandemic,” said Eko.

    The SoftBank-backed startup had laid off 7,000 employees globally since early January which was followed by another wave of layoffs in March that affected 5,000 of its employees.

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