Metro Jaya Police Nab Pedophile from the US under FBI List



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Metro Jaya Police is currently hunting a suspect on the run who acted out as a pimp for U.S. child molester and pedophile Russ Albert Medlin. The police are investigating the actual number of victims of Russ’s indecent behavior. 

    “We are hunting one fugitive, known as A, which is the person who prepared the little children. We currently could only find 3 victims of Medlin’s crimes,” said Metro Jaya Police Spokesman grand commissioner Yusri Yunus on Tuesday, June 16.

    Yusri explained that the victims confessed that Russ would record their sexual acts using his own mobile phone held by another victim.

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    “The suspect would often request petite girls with money as a reward and demand his victims to send pictures and videos through Whatsapp,” said Yusri Yunus. 

    Apart from being a recidivist in the United States for crimes related to child sex trafficking, according to Interpol’s red notice, Russ is also an FBI fugitive for a Ponzi scheme cryptocurrency investment fraud. Russ Albert Medlin managed to collect US$722 million (Rp10.8 trillion).

    Russ was arrested at his Indonesian residence on Monday, June 15, after police received a tip from neighbors over suspicious activities and frequent sites of underaged girls coming out of the house. 

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