Military, Police to Guard Jakarta Malls amidst Pandemic



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Metro Jaya Police spokesperson, Grand Commissioner Yusri Yunus said on Monday that there will be 2,702 joint personnel from police and military taking guard in a number of locations across Jakarta’s malls and shopping centers. This comes during the reopening of malls post-COVID-19 pandemic. 

    “There are 1,293 Armed Forces (TNI) personnel, 1,409 police personnel, across 243 malls to guard in the Metro Jaya Police jurisdiction,” said Yusri to Tempo on Monday, June 15. 

    Yusri explained that authorities will not only guard the mall’s exterior space but will also be stationed inside the shopping malls, which are tasked to discipline members of the public on how to enforce the COVID-19 health protocol and other necessary precautions.

    However, the police spokesperson assured that the methods applied by the personnel will be far from aggressive and will put forth persuasion and human approach. As of June 15, 80 malls across Jakarta will be opened but will leave out permits for gyms, movie theaters, and exhibition centers.