8 Traditional Markets in Jakarta Exposed to Covid-19



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesian Market Traders Association (Ikappi) recorded as many as 51 trades at eight traditional markets were tested positive for the novel coronavirus disease or Covid-19, and one was died, based on data per June 12.

    “One died; from East Jakarta’s Mester Market,” said Ikappi official Dimas Hermadiyansyah on Saturday, June 13.

    He clarified that 18 traders were tested positive for the disease at Perumnas Klender Market, instead of 20 as stated in previous data. The other two were not traders but family members of market management.

    The number of market traders throughout Indonesia who are infected with the virus increases, Dimas said. The total as per Friday, June 12, was 529 people with 29 casualties.

    He urges the government to pay close attention to this matter, considering there are 13,450 traditional markets across the country where sellers and buyers interact.

    The following is the list of the traditional markets and the number of Covid-19 positive patients in Jakarta:

    1. Central Jakarta

    - Serdang, Kemayoran: 9 positives

    - Rawa Kerbau, Cempaka Putih: 14 positives

    1. South Jakarta

    - Kedip, Kebayoran Lama: 2 positives

    1. North Jakarta

    - Lontar, Koja: 1 positive

    1. East Jakarta

    - Kramat Jati: 5 positive patients

    - Mester, Jatinegara: 1 positive and died

    - Perumnas Klender: 18 positives

    - Obor, Cijantung: 1 positive