Indonesia Resumes Regular Trains Operation under Strict Protocol



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesia's state-run railway company, PT KAI, is bringing back regular trains—long-distance and local—to operation starting Friday, June 12. For the first days of operating amid a transition period, the company will only be providing tickets for 70 percent of its total capacity.

    PT KAI VP of public relations Joni Martinus said the reactivation of regular trains comes with strict health protocols.

    "Despite operating amidst a pandemic, KAI aims to serve train passengers to have safe, secure, comfortable, and sound journeys," he said on Thursday, June 11.  

    Joni said that passengers will have to follow at least eight rules. First, anyone boarding the train must be in good health and having a body temperature of less than 37.3° Celsius. Inside the train, passengers must wear a facemask and long-sleeve clothing. 

    Passengers are asked to wash their hands frequently in hand-washing facilities provided in stations. They are also asked to bring their own hand sanitizers and maintain a distance with other passengers.

    Passengers are advised to arrive at the station at least 30 minutes before departure so they will have enough time for screening before entering the tracks. To minimize physical contact, self-boarding is mandatory.   

    Specifically for long-distance trains, passengers are mandated to wear face shields on board the train and in stations to prevent Covid-19 transmission through droplets. Adult passengers are provided the face shields by the KAI, but children under the age of 3 must prepare their personal gear.

    In local trains, passengers are forbidden to speak, while elderly passengers are assigned special seating areas.

    "We hope for everyone's cooperation to follow the rules applied by the KAI for our own safety," Joni said.

    Francisca Christy Rosana