Discussion about Papua, Racial Issues Faced with Threats



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - University of Lampung (Unila) students’ community Teknokra had reportedly been terrorized by an unknown source after the community planned to hold a discussion about racial discrimination against people with Papuan descent. 

    The terror was aimed at two Teknokra members who received threatening Whatsapp messages had their online motorcycle driver app hacked. “Yes there was terror up to receiving threats,” said Teknokra chairperson Chairul Rahman Arif on Wednesday, June 10. 

    According to Chairul, the threats aimed at him also mentioned the address and identities of both his parents and accused Teknokra of being provocative by planning to hold a discussion about Papua. The threat is as follows:

    “What do you plan to gain by holding a provocative discussion. We already have your records,” citing the threatening text message Chairul received. 

    Meanwhile, one of the discussion’s moderators, Mitha Setiani Asih, found out that the personal 'online ojek' account had been hacked which led to Chairul’s house being visited by food delivery men, sending food that Chairul did not order. 

    The discussion on Papua was scheduled to be held virtually today, Thursday, June 11, by inviting a number of key speakers such as Indonesians for West Papua spokesperson, Surya Anta Giting; Papuan Students Association, Jhon Ghobai; and Journalist Association for Diversity (SEJUK), Tantowi Anwar. 

    In his defense, Chairul said that the discussion was initially meant to provide alternative perspectives on the racial issues that are currently taking global attention. He argues that racial issues do exist in Indonesia, which is represented by the Papuan people.