Tips to Look After Mental Health during Covid-19 Pandemic



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe new coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic arises worry and fear among the public. Other than maintaining physical well-being, mental health should also be taken care of during this hard time. Overthinking must be avoided as it increases the risk of psychological health problems.

    "Physical and mental health must be in balance. It’s better for everyone to spend time to relieve stress," said Dr. Dewindra W, a health adviser in a volunteer group dubbed Kawal Covid-19 (guard against Covid-19).

    Dewindra strongly suggests the public not to leave their houses during the pandemic. Besides, married couples should divide their domestic tasks and complement each other, she added.

    She acknowledges that there are women taking care of houses while having a career to support their families, therefore, the husband must help looking after their children during the work from home policy.

    Additionally, physical activities such as practicing exercises, even from homes, are recommended in the morning in order to prevent physical and psychological health issues.

    Dewindra went on to advise those who are forced to work from home to take a shower (to clean their bodies) and have breakfast before starting their job. By cleaning the body, the mind will also be refreshed to run daily activities, she concluded.