Alternative Transportation in New Normal Era



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A transportation expert, Djoko Soeijowarno, said bicycles can be alternative transportation in the new normal era amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to Djoko, many countries have now use bicycles for close-distance mobility.

    “Bicycling can be an option [for alternative transportation]. It is also good for your health, besides its use can avoid crowds in a closed room,” he said in a written statement on Friday, May 29.

    In addition, bicycling will be good for the environment as it reduces pollution. The massive use of bicycles will also affect the development of businesses in related fields.

    Djoko advised the making of bike track on public roads and the formation of new regulation regarding safety, so the bikers can ride safely.

    He went on to say that in Indonesia, only the Capital City of Jakarta that is committed to building a bike track of 63 kilometers from the targeted 545 km. This year, the metropolitan city plans to build another 200 km bike track.

    “But it seems that it can’t be realized as the budget is focused on the coronavirus mitigation,” said Djoko.

    He advised that other cities should follow Jakarta in developing a bike track and use bicycles as transportation.

    Imam Hamdi