New Normal: 7 Items to Carry at All Time



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The term 'new normal' must be anticipated once the large-scale social restriction (PSBB) period is ended. As the COVID-19 vaccine has yet to be found, people are forced to live side by side with the coronavirus by maintaining a hygienic and healthy lifestyle.

    Several items are essentials for you to wear or keep in your bag before starting daily activities such as going back to work, school, or even hang out in a mall.

    1. Mask

    Always prepare spare face masks; cloth or medical ones, inside your bag. Wearing it will cover your face from droplets of others when you are near to several people. Do not take off your mask by holding the front side but by picking the tail from your ear or back of your head. If you wear a cloth mask, wash it every day after use.

    1. Hand Sanitizer

    If you can’t find a sink to wash your hand, hand sanitizer can be useful to keep your hands clean, especially when in public spaces or transportation.

    1. Wet wipe

    The antibacterial wet wipe can be an alternative to hand sanitizer. It is also useful to wipe cutlery, door handle, and other things when you’re in public places.

    1. Personal cutlery

    You better bring your own cutlery rather than using shared ones in public areas. Various travel-friendly cutleries can now be found easily at e-commerce sites.

    1. Face shield

    The face shield has become a new trend since the outbreak of coronavirus. Purchase the shield that covers your whole face, including ears and chin. There should also be no gap between the forehead and the face shield.

    1. Prayer set

    Preparing your own travel-sized prayer sets; such as prayer mat and/ or clothes, in your bag. It is better to use your own rather than the ones prepared in public prayer rooms.

    1. Helmet

    Bringing your own helmet would also be a better option if you commute by using motorcycle taxi (ojek) services in the new normal period.