Former President Jusuf Kalla Raise Concern Over Investments



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Former Vice President Jusuf Kalla, or JK, warned the government about the connection between the Covid-19 pandemic and investment.

    According to JK, investments will not flow to Indonesia if the government fails to deal with Covid-19. "In the end the government will not be trusted to handle issues or considered slow to resolve issues," JK said during a discussion with Koran Tempo's Editor in Chief Budi Setyarso on Saturday, May 23, 2020.

    JK asserted that investors will begin diverting their investments from China after the pandemic has been cured. JK considered such condition as a positive impact of the pandemic. "Japan, United States will exit China. They will not want everything [in China], because if something happens [the investment] will be ruined," JK said.

    However, JK said that the Indonesian government's credibility in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic will be crucial. JK also commented on the issues related to Covid-19 data in Indonesia, which many considered to prove that the government is not credible.

    JK also added that the increasing trend of Covid-19 in Indonesia will affect the credibility of the government as neighboring countries begin to record lower numbers. JK also warned that economic issues will be the main concern that must be dealt with in the future.

    One of the ways to resolve economic issues, according to JK, is to draw investments. "If we are not fast and credible the much-expected investment will not go to Indonesia, but to other credible countries," JK said.

    JK predicted that Vietnam will be the country of choice for investments in the Southeast Asia region because the country is considered to be successful in dealing with Covid-19 by recording zero deaths. Another possible country of choice, as JK explained is Thailand with 56 deaths.