Doctor Talks of Health Effects of New Normal after Covid-19



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe new coronavirus or Covid-19 will definitely have a deep impact on the way of living. People are forced to easily adapt, such as by trying to live their life as usual and accept everything more realistically or known as a new normal.

    A medical expert from a local healthcare firm PT Combiphar, Sandi Perutama Gani, said this condition is marked by our behavior that starts to optimally use technology, for example, online meetings and telemedicine.

    “This is also related to the public's high awareness of maintaining health by practicing a clean and healthy lifestyle,” said Sandi in Combiphar’s virtual media briefing on May 19, 2020.

    Even though some people find it hard to accept the new normal, there are several positive impacts we can enjoy. One of them is on health considering a habit of washing hands frequently, consuming nutritious foods, and drinking mineral water can tackle many diseases, Sandi explained.

    “Many illnesses and health threats can strike bodies in bad condition. Not only coronavirus but perhaps old or new diseases which we have not known yet as well. Because pathogens from viruses and bacteria continue to evolve and the target is us,” he said.

    This condition also affects the life expectancy of the people in this era since a clean and healthy lifestyle maintains the body’s immune system, so people will be more unsusceptible to diseases. 

    “Like a vehicle, if its parts are in good condition because we take care of it during the coronavirus pandemic, there will, of course, be no problem and not get damaged,” Sandi remarked.