Govt Waits for Saudi Arabia's Decision on 2020 Hajj until June 1



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaReligious Affairs Minister Fachrul Razi appealed to would-be hajj pilgrims to patiently wait for the government’s plan on this year’s hajj pilgrimage as Saudi Arabia was expected to announce its final decision in June.

    “As the President said after a discussion with King Salman, the decision will hopefully be made by June 1,” said Fachrul via a teleconference on Tuesday, May 19.

    The Religious Affairs Ministry had prepared three alternative policies regarding the 2020 hajj pilgrimage; all pilgrimage plans will stay on schedule, only some pilgrims allowed to depart, or all embarkations are suspended.

    According to the minister, the government previously hoped the Saudi Arabian government would announce its decision over the three options before May 20. However, after talks between President Jokowi and King Salman, the date was back to June 1.

    “So, let’s just wait for the president’s instruction,” said Fachrul Razi.