Pandemic, Indonesian Zoos Open Donation to Feed Animals



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesian Zoo Association (PKBSI) invites the public to care for the animals at conservation agencies through a fundraising program dubbed “Food for Animal,” while asking for the government’s support to safe the animals in captivity across the country from hunger, as a result of the restriction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    PKBSI chief Rahmat Shah said the donation will be distributed to the conservations that are the most affected by the crisis as they highly in need of funding for animal feed and medicines during the pandemic.  

    “We’ll definitely be transparent and responsible for the public donation,” Rahmat said in a written statement on Friday, May 15.

    He explained that animals at the conservation sites, which were forced to close to curb the coronavirus spread, are in well care despite the current condition. However, it cannot be avoided that the animal hunger issue emerged since the conservations no longer receive income from visitors following the closure of the sites. 

    At present, there 81 conservation agencies in Indonesia, such as zoos, as well as animals and safari gardens that are registered under the Environment and Forestry Ministry.

    The ministry’s director-general of natural resources and ecosystem Wiratno said that the closure of the conservation sites affects their operation in meeting the needs of animal foods and drugs. But they asserted that none of them sacrifice any of their collection to feed other animals, as such procedure is ruled under certain regulation.

    Wiratno addressed this issue by asking the conservation agencies to conduct modification in providing the foods for the animals; either in the frequency or the type of the foods. "But without reducing the nutrition needed by the animals as their welfare is still the main concern.”