MUI Issues Fatwa on Eid Prayer at Home as Mosques Off Limits



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) released an edict or fatwa allowing Muslims to perform Eid al-Fitr prayer at home during the enforcement of the social restrictions on a large scale in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

    “Eid prayer can be offered in a congregation with family members at home, especially those living in areas where the virus spread remains uncontrolled (red zones),” as quoted from the press release of the MUI's Fatwa Commission on Wednesday, May 13.

    The guidelines note that the annual prayer held after the fasting month of Ramadan ends can be performed in a congregation or individually.

    The Fatwa Commission Head stated there should be a congregation of at least four people – one acts as an imam or the worship leader and the other three are the followers. The prayer should be performed in the same procedure as it is done in mosques.

    As for the khutbah or sermon, MUI opined that it can be canceled if there are less than four worshippers or if none are able to recite it.

    The following is a guideline for reciting khutba:

    1. Eid khutbah is recommended or sunnah, as part of the perfection of Eid prayer.

    2. Eid khutbah must be delivered two times and carried out while standing, which is separated by sitting for a while.

    3. The first and second khutbah begin with nine takbir and five takbir respectively.

    4. Steps of the first khotbah:

        a. Reciting takbir nine times,

        b. Praising God by at least reciting salawat, 

        c. Giving sermon about taqwa or awareness of God or piety,

        d. Reciting the Quran.

    5. Steps of the second khutbah

        a. Reciting takbir seven times,

        b. Praising God by at least reciting salawat,

        c. Giving sermon,

        d. Praying for Muslims.