Apindo Asks Govt to Relax PSBB to Prevent Layoffs



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  • Hariyadi Sukamdani. TEMPO/Candrika Radita Putri

    Hariyadi Sukamdani. TEMPO/Candrika Radita Putri

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) demanded the government relax the Large-Scale Social Restrictions or PSBB policy in order to ease the business sector, which was hardly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. By this, employers will not lay off workers.

    “We suggest relaxation on the PSBB, but we optimize the health protocols. The government should just focus on the health facilities and provide rapid test kits to companies,” said Apindo Head Hariyadi Sukamdani on Monday, May 11.

    Hariyadi explained the high pressure that the pandemic has put in the business world could no longer be resisted. On the other hand, there was nothing to be done during this time. The stimulus provided by the government, he opined, did not generate a big impact on the business world.

    “Perhaps, that’s all the government can do. So there is no other choice than relaxing the PSSB order, but the government must prepare the health facilities,” Hariyadi underlined, noting that the trend of asymptomatic persons (OTG) testing positive for the coronavirus must be concerned as well.

    Other than managing workers, employers must also deal with operational costs and other costs while many businesses are disrupted and even forced to close, he added. “People need food, is the government able to feed so many people? Instead of blaming each other, we should move while maintaining vigilance,” Hariyadi said.

    Previously, President Jokowi hinted that the government would issue a policy on economic stimulus for companies that did not perform layoffs.