Police Clarify 'Nasi Anjing' Food Controversy



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The North Jakarta police have analyzed the content of the food aid that went viral in social media dubbed the "nasi anjing", which translates to 'dog rice' which caused a stir after it was presented as food aid for residents in Tanjung Priok. 

    "The investigation [on the food's ingredients] continues in the forensic laboratory," said North Jakarta Police Chief Commissioner Wirdhanto Hadicaksono on Monday, April 27, 2020.

    He asserted that the police's analysis of the "nasi anjing" controversy will continue although no police reports were filed due to the agreement between the residents and the food provider of not filing any police report. 

    "The investigation will continue all while considering future situations," said Wirdhanto. 

    The "nasi anjing" commotion occurred after residents of Warakas, Tanjung Priok, were offended by the food aid that includes the logo of a dog in its packaging. The logo was also accompanied by the motto that reads: 'Nasi Anjing, Nasi Orang Kecil, Bersahabat dengan Nasi Kucing' (Dog Rice, Rice for the People, Friend of the Cat Rice). 

    "Residents who received the food aid were mainly offended as they assumed that 'Nasi Anjing' contains dog meat. And because it was distributed to Muslims there," said Metro Jaya Police spokesman Grand Commissioner Yusri Yunus.

    Why the name Nasi Anjing?

    The term 'Nasi Kucing', which literally means 'cat rice' is derived from popular street food in Central Java known for its small portion and wrapped in food wrapper, which is generally accompanied by a variety of other condiments. 

    According to police initial investigation, the group that distributed the food aid, ARK Qahal, named the food 'Nasi Anjing' because it has slightly larger portion compared to Nasi Kucing. The group aregued that they have no intentions to offend anyone with the naming and logo. 

    Police eventually stated that the food were made from halal ingredients, unlike what the public had initially suspected. Police added that the 'Nasi Anjing' is made of squid, beef sausage, anchovies, and more.