Defense Ministry Bans the Use of Zoom Over Security Concerns



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Defense Ministry, confirmed by its spokesman Brig. Gen. Totok Sugiharto, on Thursday, issued a circular that effectively bans its employees from using the video conference app Zoom

    The circular was signed by the Defense Ministry’s secretary-general vice-admiral Agus Setiadji on Tuesday, April 21, which reads; “Addressed to the entire defense ministry environment to not utilize the Zoom app,” said Agus Setiadji. 

    The ministry explained that the reason behind the ban is based on three considerations which include the lack of safety guarantees the Zoom app offers and the problem of traffic duplication which risks the security of its users. 

    This decision is also heavily based on the decisions made by several studies and analysis stating that Zoom, which they also acknowledged, that the security breaches are “yet able to be correctly anticipated.”

    The Defense Ministry urged its employees to utilize video conference apps that have been coordinated with the ministry’s data and information center (Pusdatin).