Gojek Donates 200,000 Staple Goods Packages to Driver-Partners

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  • Gojek donates 200,000 staple goods packages to support driver-partners.

    Gojek donates 200,000 staple goods packages to support driver-partners.

    INFO TEMPO.CO, - Gojek together with Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation (ABBF) distributed 200,000 Partner Family Assistance Packages consisting of staple goods (sembako) to ease the burden on the daily costs of driver-partners during the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative is part of the “12 Driver Partner Welfare Program” which Gojek announced on 31 March. 

    The packages are distributed to 200,000 Gojek drivers partners in the form of digital vouchers worth Rp100,000 each, or a total value of Rp20 billion. The vouchers are distributed through Gojek’s driver-partner application and can be used to buy staple goods such as rice, sugar, cooking oil and instant noodles across all Alfamart outlets in Indonesia.

    “We introduced the Partner Family Assistance Package program to ease the financial burden and help partner families meet their basic daily needs. We are carrying out this program with Alfamart’s support; their extensive network spread throughout Indonesia enables us to reach hundreds of thousands of our driver-partners," said Gojek's co-CEO Andre Soelistyo, also acting as the Board of Trustees of the Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation. 

    Andre also added, "Gojek's priority is now to support driver-partners through this challenging time. Gojek has carried out various initiatives focusing on three main areas that have the most impact on the survival of the driver partners which are: maintain health and safety, ease the financial burden, and income assistance. We continue to make various efforts to ensure our partners stay healthy, safe, and are able to meet their daily needs."

    In addition to the Gojek and ABBF staple goods programs, Alfamart also provides assistance to Gojek driver partners through the "Alfamart Serving Indonesia" program. This program is in the form of 30,000 digital vouchers worth Rp50,000 with a total value of Rp1.5 billion.

    Corporate Affairs Director Alfamart Solihin said, "The assistance for Gojek driver-partners is part of a series of programs under the Alfamart Serving Indonesia, in response to COVID-19 pandemic. Gojek driver-partners are one of the parties affected by COVID-19 pandemic as the majority of the community must work from home and implement physical distancing, therefore impacting their income. This assistance will be distributed to Gojek drivers who really need support," explained

    Alfamart's support in the form of a digital food voucher worth Rp1.5 billion consists of funds amounting to Rp1 billion from Alfamart consumers’ donation in cooperation with four foundations, namely BMCI Rp500 million, Lazismu Rp250 million, NU Care-LazisNu Rp150 million and Mizan Amanah Rp100 million. While an additional Rp500 million is from Alfamart’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund.

    In addition to the staple goods voucher program, to help reduce the daily expense of its driver-partners, since last March, Gojek has distributed more than 4,000 food packages to elderly driver-partners in a number of large cities. Gojek has also distributed 1 million meal vouchers every week to driver-partners to buy affordable food packages from thousands of MSME merchants.

    To further assist driver-partners’ income efforts, Gojek has also launched the National Culinary Day (Harkulnas) program to increase MSME merchants sales, which also helped boost order levels for driver-partners during COVID-19. For programs that involve consumers, Gojek has also made adjustments in the application by adding further tipping options so that Gojek customers can provide tips of up to Rp100,000, which are channeled directly to partners’ e-wallet.

    To safeguard their health and safety, Gojek has also distributed hundreds of thousands of health packages to driver-partners, which consists of masks and hand sanitizers. This package distribution is still ongoing in various cities in Indonesia to ensure partners can continue to stay active healthily.