PSBB Jakarta; Gojek, Grab Scrape 'Ojek' Service



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Online ride-hailing companies, GoJek and Grab, no longer provide motorcycle taxi (ojek) service on its apps as Jakarta starts imposing the large-scale social restriction (PSBB) policy.

    On Gojek app, icon GoRide for ojek was even scraped. But other features, such as GoCar and GoFood are still accessible.

    Meanwhile, Grab’s ojek feature, GrabBike, can still be found on its app but when it is clicked, the user is be diverted to GrabCar service.

    The tight social restriction in the capital, or PSBB Jakarta, takes effect for 14 daysstarting from today, April 10 to 23. The Jakartans are temporarily prohibited to perform several activities in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus in the city.

    One of those is the prohibition for motorcycle to carry a passenger. As for online ojek, they are only allowed to transport goods.

    Gojek Chief of Corporate Affairs Nila Marita stated that her office abides to Jakarta administration’s policy regarding the enforcement of PSBB. “We hope this will prevent the spread of Covid-19,” she said in the press release on Friday, April 10.

    Nila said even though GoRide service is temporarily halted, 4-wheeled transportation services such as GoCar and GoBluebird are still accessible for those who need it. "With the maximum of 2 passengers in order to maintain the physical distancing," she added.

    Besides, food delivery service GoFood, tele-medics and drugs delivery service GoMed, as well as goods delivery services such as GoSend, GoMart, GoShop and GoBox remain operational for the users during the social restriction period.