7 of Glenn Fredly's Human Rights Legacy



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Glenn Fredly Deviano Latuihamallo is one of the few known Indonesian musicians known not just for his musical skills but also for actively voicing issues outside of the music industry such as campaigning for human rights, being an advocate for people in need, up to his humanitarian fundraising cause. 

    “Glenn Fredly is a musician that clearly sides with humanity and human rights,” said The Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras), Yati Andriyani, to Tempo on Wednesday, April 8. 

    The singer who is known for his soothing voice, unfortunately, passed away on Wednesday, April 8, at 18:00 local time, at the Setia Mitra Hospital in South Jakarta. The husband of Mutia Ayu and the father of newborn Gewa died due to suffering meningitis. 

    According to Tempo records, the following are seven of Glenn Fredly’s activism throughout his life.

    1. Glenn Fredly and his fight in Munir’s case

    Together with KontraS, Glenn had always shown support for the completion of Munir’s murder case. Munir Said Thalib was also a notable human rights activist. Glenn is the nephew of the late Raymond J. Latuihamallo, who is one of the key witnesses in Munir’s case.

    Glenn created a special song that was performed in December 2012 at Munir's 47th birthday titled “Cahaya” or light. 

    1. Glenn Fredly becomes the voice for Papuans and East Indonesian people

    Human rights lawyer Veronica Koman opines that she seldomly meets musicians of Glenn’s caliber who dare to give a voice for Papuans such as Glenn. Both engaged in communication twice where Glenn offered to provide assistance in the mass-arrest against Papuan migrant university students. 

    "I personally think that he put forth his conscience above his career, because the issues he fought for can be considered unpopular," said Veronica on Wednesday, April 8. 

    Glenn was also actively involved in the campaign for peace in East Indonesia’s Voice of the East (VOTE). 

    1. Glenn Fredly in fighting against the Benoa Bay reclamation 

    Together with other fellow musicians, Glenn voiced his rejection against what is arguably an environmental crisis in the Benoa Bay reclamation. He performed with other musicians at the United We Loud concert held at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park in Bali in September 2017. He personally argued that reclamation is a humanitarian fight to protect the country’s nature.  

    1. Glenn paid a visit to victims of the 1997/1998 activist abductions

    According to Yati, Glenn Fredly had also given his support in the search for justice regarding the abduction of activists and students which happened in one of Indonesia’s bleakest history. He expressed his support directly to the parents of those who remain to be found today. 

    1. Supporting the GKI Yasmin congregates 

    When the congregations of the Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) Yasmin were faced by rejections, Glenn was one of many public figures who showed support for the oppressed. Together with Gus Dur’s daughters and other figures, Glenn accompanied them in the 2011 Christmas celebration. 

    1. Glenn contributed to the KontraS human rights school

    According to Yati, Glenn Fredly was one of many musicians that contributed to the KontraS human rights school through his music and vision that he shared with school participants. 

    1. Fundraising to support a rape victim

    In the middle of May 2011, the public was shocked by the case where an 8-month baby from South Sulawesi was abducted and raped. One month after the incident, Glenn and fellow musician and friends, Tompi and Sandhy Sandoro, who are joined in the Trio Lestari, performed at the Ballroom Hotel Grand Clarion Makassar. At that place, the singers did fundraising with benefits that were then given to the victim’s family.