Ombudsman Urges Anies to Limit People's Mobility Immediately



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Indonesian Ombudsman of the Greater Jakarta Representative advised the Jakarta provincial administration to immediately restrict the mobility of people following the implementation of large-scale social restriction or PSBB policy as established by the Ministry of Health.

    "The most important thing to do now is limiting the mobility of people from and to Jakarta, even though it’s already been restricted by the PSBB," said Ombudsman Jakarta Head Teguh P Nugroho in Jakarta on Tuesday, April 7.

    According to Teguh, restricting people’s movement, which is the highest potential for COVID-19 transmission, must be prioritized as soon as the strict physical distancing is enforced.

    However, Teguh reiterated, the large-scale social restrictions policy is different from local quarantine which totally bans people's movement.

    The PSBB still allows the entry and exit of people, yet the quantity and quality are minimized. However, this is considered ineffective. Thus, Ombudsman suggested Jakarta coordinate with the national COVID-19 Task Force and two other provinces, namely Banten and West Java, to curb the virus transmission.

    "Evaluate the effectiveness of the social restrictions so that the approach can be more of regionals," Teguh remarked.

    Additionally, Teguh reminded Jakarta of distributing social assistance for daily laborers and other disadvantaged people.

    He further opined that even though Jakarta has a limited budget to mitigate the outbreak, the national COVID-19 must also help coordinate the efforts with relevant ministries.