Flood Submerges Hundreds of Houses in North Barito



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Muara Teweh - A flash flood swamped hundreds of houses in six villages in East Teweh Sub-district,, North Barito District, Central Kalimantan Province, after Teweh River overflowed its banks on Saturday.

    "This morning the floodwater rose by some 120 centimeters and inundated hundreds of homes in six villages," East Teweh Sub-district Head Sudiyoino said on Sunday.

    The flood which broke out on Saturday still lasted until Sunday afternoon with floodwater in Benangin Village, the capital of East Teweh Sub-district, reaching a depth of 2-4 meters.

    The flood forced residents to evacuate to higher grounds.

    "Usually flash flood subsides quickly at least one day. But the flood this time receded slowly as the water level of Barito River (into which Teweh River flows) began to rise," he said.

    He said the flood submerged more than six hundred houses, markets, kindergartens, elementary schools, mosques, churches, village heads' offices and bridges.

    "The flood victims have been evacuated to higher grounds and some of them are taking refuge at other residents' houses that are not flooded," he said.