5 Ways to Burn Calories while Staying Home



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - People start being concerned about gaining weight while staying home to comply with the government’s appeal to do so and to maintain physical distance in the wake of the coronavirus disease or Covid-19 pandemic. 

    Some find themselves stress eating and snacking out of boredom. Some may not realize they are moving less than they usually do while being stuck at home during this crisis. While in fact, this is the time to stay healthy as it will help support the immune system to fight Covid-19.

    To stay active and avoid unintentional weight gain, doing household chores as in the following can be a good workout while homebound:

    1. Sweeping

    Sweeping every room in the house helps us burn a good amount of calories. Sixty minutes of sweeping can burn calories of up to 170-200.

    2. Dusting

    Dusting. Cambio.com

    Try dusting every corner of the house that you cannot reach on normal days. Dusting your furniture for 30 minutes torches around 50 calories. Make sure you are wearing a mask while doing it all, especially if you are allergic to dust.

    3. Cleaning Home Utensils

    Washing small house equipment such as a wall clock and kitchen utensils may get rid of 50-60 calories per tool.

    4. Making the bed

    Do not let your bed stay messy. Changing the bedsheet, folding blankets, and tidying items on the table or under your bed take some energy. Stripping the bedsheet and remaking bed for 30 minutes burn 187-200 calories. You may also consider washing the window curtains and decluttering your goods.

    5. Washing the car

    Washing car. Shutterstock

    For some, washing the car is a tedious chore to do. But since people are advised to practice physical distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak, the car may just sit in the garage. So this is the perfect time to wash the car. If you do everything yourself, washing a car for 30 minutes can help you burn some 150 calories.